Unable to load data

You are experiencing the following issue

You are unable to load your workspace, and you're seeing one of these error messages:

  • Unable to load data 

  • You are offline

  • Unable to fetch data

What to expect

Communication with Postman servers can only happen successfully through secure WebSockets. If those are not in use, the system considers you offline.

How to unblock yourself

  • Check you can access the Postman web app. Remove local data if you cannot reproduce the issue on the Postman web app.

  • Try using a different network. If you can use the Postman application, a VPN or proxy is likely installed on your computer and prevents the connection to Postman services. Contact your IT team and ask them to whitelist the domains on your network firewall to allow WebSocket connections for Postman.

  • Sign out of the Postman app and then sign back in. Note: If you're using Postman locally without signing in to a Postman account, export your data before signing out because signing out will completely delete your local data.

  • Check with your Internet service provider (ISP) if there is an internet service issue in your area.

If you’re still facing this issue after trying the troubleshooting options outlined above, submit a support request and include the following information:

  • The troubleshooting steps you've already tried.

  • Whether or not you can use the Postman Web app.

  • A screenshot or a screen recording of the issue.

  • A copy of your app logs if you experience the issue on the Postman desktop app.

  • A copy of your HAR files if you experience the issue on the Postman web app.


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