Can I use Postman locally?

Postman is a cloud-based product that syncs your work when you're signed in to your account.

If this doesn't meet your organization's requirements, you might want to explore the below options:

  • Working offline using the lightweight API Client.
  • Using Newman to run collections in a private cloud or internal data centers. Note: If you’re working from the lightweight API Client, make sure you migrate to a signed-in account.

  • Postman's Enterprise app. It works as an MSI package for Windows and PKG package for macOS. It supports silent installation, system-wide installation, and additional configurations to control how Postman is installed on users' devices.

Note: Without using online features, some of Postman's collaborative features, such as Collections, Environments, Postman Mocks, Monitors, and Documentation, won't be available.

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