No requests captured error while capturing Proxy

You’re experiencing one of the following issues

How to unblock yourself

  • Make sure no other applications are using the same port. If there are conflicts, select the edit icon to change the port number when starting the proxy within the Postman desktop app.

  • Check that the proxy is correctly configured in your computer's operating system settings.

    • Windows users. Right-click the Postman App icon and select Run as administrator to launch Postman as an administrator. Then, search for Change proxy settings from your Windows settings and ensure the proxy settings correspond to the port specified in Postman.

    • MacOS users. Go to System Settings > Network. Check that Web proxy (HTTP) and Secure web proxy (HTTPS) and ensure they are enabled with the same port as the one specified in Postman.

If you are still experiencing issues, submit a support request with the following information:

  • A screenshot of the proxy capture

  • Port used for capturing proxy

  • Your Postman desktop app version (Gear icon > Settings > About).

  • Your OS and OS version

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