My Monitor is not using variables

You are experiencing one of the following issues

  • My Postman monitor is not using the current values of variables.
  • My variable values don't get updated during the monitor run. 

What to expect from monitors, variables, and values

Postman monitors run on Postman's servers and always use the initial value defined in a variable. The current value is not sent to our servers—current values are for local use only. This behavior is intended to prevent sensitive authentication data from being shared unintentionally.

For reference, here are some examples of how monitors and variables interact:

  • Only the current value can be set within a monitor run by including that value in pre-request or test scripts.
  • If the current value is set within the monitor run, the monitor will access the current value.
  • If the current value is not set within the monitor run, the monitor will access the initial value.

How to unblock yourself

As a workaround, you can update the values of the variables by persisting variable values using the Postman API. Doing this will replace initial values with current values.

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