I lost my environment variables after migrating from the Scratch Pad

You are experiencing one of the following issues

  • I have moved from the Scratch Pad to the lightweight API Client and can’t see my environment variables.

  • I have moved from Scratch Pad to a Postman account and can’t see my environment variables.

What to expect

  • The lightweight API client doesn't have collections and environments.

  • The migration flow transfers the current values of your environments created in the Scratch Pad.

  • The current values will be migrated locally from Scratch Pad to your Postman account and won’t be synced to the cloud.

  • The current values of your environment won’t transfer over if you export and import your data or in the file you get from Settings > Data in the lightweight API Client.

Unblock yourself

To go back to the migration flow, sign in to a Postman account and then go to Settings > Data > Migrate Data to recover their current values.

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