I am seeing the error Request not found or Collection not found

You are experiencing the following issue

I am getting the error message Request not found or Collection not found.

Unblock yourself

  • Restart the application.
  • Try using a different network. If you can use the Postman application, a VPN or proxy installed on your computer likely prevents the connection to Postman services. Contact your IT team and ask them to allowlist the following domains on your network firewall to allow WebSocket connections for Postman:

If you are still facing this issue after trying the troubleshooting options outlined above, submit a support request and include the following information:

  • Whether or not you can replicate the issue with another collection or workspace.
  • The collection ID or request ID. Note: To either find your collection or request ID, select your collection or request and select the Info button on the right end panel.


  • A copy of your application logs.
  • A copy of your HAR files recorded while you are trying to open the collection or the requests.

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