I'm not receiving the verification email

You are experiencing one of the following issues

  • I can’t verify my Postman account.
  • I didn’t receive the Postman account verification email.
  • I am not able to locate the account verification email in my inbox.

How to unblock yourself

  • Check your inbox and see if you have received an email with the subject Activate your Postman account now. Once you locate the email, select the confirmation button within the email to verify your account.
  • Check your spam and junk folders as well, if you couldn’t locate the account verification email in your inbox.
  • Allowlist the below domains in your email client, or domain policy:
  • Then resend the verification email by going to your Postman account settings and select Resend it in the banner.
  • If you have already verified your email while your account states that your account hasn’t been verified, ensure you're signed in to the right Postman account.

If you're still experiencing issues after trying the options above, please submit a support request so we can investigate further. Please make sure to indicate exactly which steps you’ve already tried so that we can better help you.

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