I am having trouble accessing my Postman account

You are experiencing one of the following issues

I am trying to reset my password, but I don’t receive the password reset email

If you don’t see the email coming into your inbox, check this article: I don't receive the password reset email.

I need to make a payment, but I cannot sign in to my Postman team

This can happen if your email has been registered as the Company email address, it is the email where we send invoices. Note: This is different than the Billing role

Having your email registered as the Company email of your Postman team doesn't necessarily make you part of the team.

To make the payment for your Postman team, you need to:

I don’t have access to the email associated with my Postman account to reset my password

The password recovery process is self-serve. Our Support team will not be able to assist in changing the email address as we want to ensure protected access to data, and we don’t want to inadvertently give unauthorized access.

If the previous email address was a company-provided email, the account is the company's property, as it could contain company-specific data.

I am trying to sign in with my username and password, but an error says that the combination didn't work

This can happen if your team has disabled the Postman Password authentication method and forces you to sign in with single sign-on (SSO). Try to sign in with SSO.

After entering my login and password, I see a Something Went Wrong error

It is possible that the connection to our servers is blocked. To confirm, try a different network. If it works, make sure to allow WebSocket connections for Postman.

I'm having trouble accepting the invite to join my team

Refer to this help center article to unblock yourself. 

I am unable to sign in with single sign-on

Refer to this help center article to unblock yourself. 

I am seeing an error saying that my Postman account has been deactivated

Refer to this help center article to unblock yourself.


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