Troubleshooting steps for Postman desktop issues

You are experiencing one of the following issues

  • I am having trouble installing or opening the Postman desktop app.
  • I am seeing the error Could not open Postman error message.
  • I am having trouble opening a request in a new tab.
  • I am stuck in a “session expired” loop.

How to unblock yourself

  1. To help isolate the issue, try using the Postman web app in your browser; if that works, this indicates that there might be a client-side issue with the Postman desktop app.
    a. If the issue occurs only in the Postman desktop app, go to step 2 and remove your local data.
    b. If the issue occurs in both the Postman desktop app and the Postman web app, then submit a support request.
  2. Remove Postman’s local data.

Submit a support request

If you’re still facing this issue after removing your local data, or you're able to replicate your issue both on the Postman web app and the desktop app, submit a support request with the following information:

  • A screenshot of the error
  • A copy of your app logs

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