I am having trouble running my monitor

You are experiencing the following issue

You're seeing failures in your Monitor Summary, although all your tests are passed.

How to unblock yourself

Verify your monitor's Console Log to view the error and the exact reason for the failed run.

Error: callback timed out

There is a 10-minute timeout that is imposed on monitor runs. This error is thrown when the timeout is breached.

Verify how long the execution of the collection run takes by using the Collection Runner. If the execution takes less than 10 minutes to run, try running the monitor from the closest region selected which might result in shorter response times.

Error: NETERR: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

The error happens when the variables aren't resolved for a particular request while running your collection through the monitor. Verify if you have global variables in use for the collection. If so, using environment variables instead of globals should fix this error.

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

This error usually implies a DNS error.

  • Verify your proxy configuration.
  • If you're using an older version of the application, update to the latest version.


The issue might be due to any network element that the requests hop through between the API server and the Monitoring server, which can increase network latency. Check if any changes to the network elements (Load balancers, Firewalls, etc) might be behind this issue.

TypeError: Cannot read property'objectID' of undefined / Cannot read property'has' of undefined

Verify if the endpoints you're trying to hit are hosted publicly. Monitors require all URLs to be publicly available on the internet as they run in the Postman Cloud. A monitor cannot directly access your local host or run requests behind a firewall.

You cannot run monitors right now. Check your usage for details. 

This happens when your team's monthly plan for monitors is exceeded. You can view your team's monitoring usage here and purchase Add-ons from the same page.

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