Fixing an ECONNRESET error

You are experiencing the following issue

I am seeing an ECONNRESET error when:

  • Sending a request in Postman
  • Sending a request in Newman
  • Running requests using the Collection Runner
  • Monitoring an API

What to expect

  • The ECONRESET error means that the server unexpectedly closed the connection and the request to the server was not fulfilled.
  • Connection-related issues often relate to a networking issue caused by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that in some cases is required by some API services or, in other cases, prevents you to reach an API service.

Unblock yourself

If the endpoint is public, try to switch off your VPN.

  • Make sure there is no error in the configuration of your request. Look for typos, whitespaces, or invalid JSON formatting.
  • Compare the API documentation of the service you’re making a call to and verify that the below elements if required, are configured correctly in the request:
  • If you get the error when using the Collection Runner or when you are using Monitors, try to replicate the issue by sending an individual request in Postman. If the request doesn’t return the error, the server might have been overloaded.

If the issue persists after following the steps in the Unblock Yourself section, reach out to the service provider of the endpoint you are trying to make a call to.

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