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How to unblock yourself

I can't send any requests through Postman. My network requires a proxy

I can't send any requests through Postman. My network does not need a proxy

Make sure you have turned off the system proxy. 

If this doesn't unblock you, it may be because some environment variables are set up in your system.

You can either

  • Remove the environment variables http_proxy, https_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, and HTTPS_PROXY 
  • Start Postman with these variables turned off. See the following instructions below, depending on your OS.


Create a postman.bat file with the below content. Then, double-click this bat file to Postman without any proxy environment variables set.

set http_proxy=''
set https_proxy=''
start C:\path\to\Postman.exe

Linux and macOS



I have a proxy that has basic auth. How to make it work with Postman?

  1. Inside the proxy settings and under Default Proxy Configuration, tick the box This proxy requires authentication
  2. Enter the Username and Password
  3. Hit the button Save and restart Postman

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