Fixing Etimedout error

You’re experiencing the following issue

I am seeing an ETIMEDOUT error when:

  • Sending a request in Postman
  • Sending a request in Newman
  • Monitoring an API

What to expect

  • The ETIMEDOUT error means that the request took more time than the webserver configuration allows and the connection has been closed by the server.
  • Connection-related issues often relate to a networking issue caused by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that in some cases is required by some API services or, in other cases, prevents you to reach an API service.

Unblock yourself

  • If the endpoint is public, try to switch off your VPN.
  • Go to the API documentation of the service you’re trying to reach and check if the API requires you to be behind a VPN. If a VPN is required, make sure that your VPN is turned on.
  • Send the request using a different network. If the request doesn’t return the error, it is likely that your IP address is blocked by the server or that the issue is due to your network.
  • If you are unable to reach the service using a different network, reach out to the service provider.

If you are still facing this issue after following the steps in the Unblock yourself section, submit a support request and attach a screenshot of the output for your operating system’s command prompt or terminal after you type in ping “”.

Note: Pinging the service will help us debug the issue further and figure out whether it’s a network or server-related error.

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