How to merge two accounts

There isn't a seamless way to merge two individual Postman accounts yet. This help center article will walk you through two workarounds to achieve this.

Update your Postman email

If you are looking at updating the email associated with your Postman account, you can do this from your Profile

Note: If this action throws an error, it might be because your email is already in use by another Postman account. To free up the email, delete your Postman account (ensure you have any exported data you want to save first).

Perform a data export

  1. Export the data of your former Postman account.
  2. Import the data into your new Postman account. 

Note: These elements won't be transferred during the export and import process and should be re-created as needed:

  • Monitors
  • Mock servers
  • Published documentation pages (new documentation URLs will be generated when Collections are re-published from your previous account).
  • Workspaces
  • API schemas 

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