I am receiving a rate limit error

I am getting a 429 too many requests error

Postman API access is limited to 300 requests per minute. This error means that you have hit this maximum rate limit. It can happen, for example, if multiple people in your organization are using Postman and hit our servers from the same public IP.

I am getting a rate limit error whenever I try to hit my mock server

You might be experiencing one of the following issues:

  • We have a rate limit of 120 requests per minute for both public and private mock servers.
    Note: To send requests to a private mock server, you must add the Postman API key in the request header.  
  • The usage limit error indicates that you're hitting the usage limit that depends on your plan. Go to our pricing page and look for Mock server calls (monthly) to see your limit based on your plan. 

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