My request is redirected to a GET request

You are experiencing one of the following issues

  • All of your requests are sent as GET requests, no matter which HTTP request method you select.
  • The original HTTP request method you selected is not preserved when there is a redirect between HTTP and HTTPS.

What to expect

Postman automatically redirects requests that return a 3xx response. Note: To check for a 3xx response, use the Postman console and verify whether it shows a 3xx response. If so, it indicates a redirection. If not, submit a support request (see below).

How to unblock yourself

  • Disable the automatic redirection for 3xx responses. To do this, open the Settings tab of your request and toggle off the Automatically follow redirects option.
  • Force your request to follow the original HTTP method. To do so, open the Settings tab of the request and toggle on the Follow original HTTP method option.
  • If your API service provider uses Nginx as a web server, add a trailing slash ( / ) on the request URL.
  • If none of these options help, reach out to your API service provider for assistance.

Submit a support request

If you need to submit a support request, make sure you provide the following screenshots in your support request:

  • Send a POST request to the Postman Echo API and if the request is sent as GET request, take a screenshot of the response.
  • Send a request using cURL in your terminal. To do this, copy the cURL code generated by your request, paste it into your terminal, and send the request. Take a screenshot of the response.

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