How is monitoring usage billed?

The maximum number of monitoring API calls you can make each month depends on your Postman plan. Go to our pricing page and look for API monitoring calls (monthly) to see your limit based on your plan. Note: To view monitor usage, go to the Monitoring Usage Details dashboard.

Postman Free plan

Your usage of Monitoring is automatically blocked when you reach the limit. 

Postman paid plans

Allowing monitor overages

You can allow Monitoring overages so you can make calls beyond your team's monthly limit at  $0.75/1000 calls. Disable it in your Resource Usage dashboard, if you want to pause monitoring calls until your limit is reset. 

Purchasing monitoring blocks

Additional API monitoring calls are available as Add ons to Postman Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans. 

You can pre-purchase 50,000 calls for $20 per block/month.

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