I'm having trouble accepting the invite to join my team

You are experiencing one of the following issues

I have received an invite link to join my team but the invite link throws the error Sorry! You seem to have an invalid or expired invite code!

What to expect

The invite link gets invalid if one of these events happens, depending on the invite method you’re using.

  • Invite by email by selecting Send Invites
  • Invite by link selecting Get Link

Invite by email

  • The invite has been revoked by an Admin or a Super Admin.
  • The invite has already been accepted.

Note: The link generated when you use the invite by email method doesn’t expire.

Invite by link

  • The invite link has expired. Note: The link is valid for 14 days.
  • The usage limit of 30 has been reached. It means that the link was used by up to 30 users to join the team.
  • The invite has been revoked by an Admin or a Super Admin.

Unblock yourself

Reach out to the team Admin or Super Admin to find out whether you are already part of the team or not. If you are not part of the team, ask for another invite link (by email or by link) to your team Admin or Super Admin.

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