How to merge two teams

This article will walk you through the current best practice to migrate data between teams if you want to consolidate one or more Postman teams into a single.

  1. Select the team you want to migrate your data to – we’ll call it Team A.
  2. Have everyone who isn't on Team A export their data.
  3. Have everyone who isn't on Team A leave and join Team A. Note: The other team(s) will be inaccessible when the last member leaves.
  4. Everyone who joined Team A should import the bulk export .json files they created so that they again have access to their data. Note: There is likely to be redundancy in what is imported. It's recommended that each team member import to their personal workspace, and then share Collections and Environments to Team Workspaces as needed.

Note: Unfortunately, these elements won't be transferred during the export and import process, and should be re-created as needed:

  • Monitors
  • Mock servers
  • Published documentation (new documentation URLs will be generated when Collections are re-published from your previous account).
  • Workspaces
  • Global variables
  • API schemas 

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