How do I assign collection roles to team members

How to assign collection roles

  1. Go to the Team Workspace where the collection is located.
  2. Select the collection in the left sidebar.
  3. Hover on the collection and select the ellipsis icon (…) > Manage roles.
  4. Enter the name or the email of the user you want to give access to the collection or select the drop-down to modify a current user’s role.
  5. Select Update Roles to save the changes.

Note: A lock icon next to the collection name indicates that you don’t have editor access to the collection. To have access, request an editor role on the collection.

Can I grant access to users for all workspaces?

Granting users access to workspaces and collections can be done at the workspace level. You can leverage user groups (only available to Postman Enterprise teams) to create groups that share the same roles and permissions.

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