How to get logs from the Postman web app

If you’re troubleshooting an issue with the Postman web app, our support team might ask you to send us HAR files. It is a record of information exchanged between you and Postman’s server.

Note: The HAR files don’t contain data about the requests you execute in Postman. To view the detail of what happened when you sent a request, use the Postman console.

  1. Open your browser and go to the Postman web app:
  2. Right-click anywhere and select Inspect.
  3. Refresh your browser (Ctrl+R or ⌘+R). This will ensure all relevant network data is captured.
  4. Go to the Network tab and check the box Preserve log.
  5. Start recording network log. Note: If you see the red recording circle, it means that it already records. Make sure to stop recording first and then start the recording again.
  6. Replicate the issue that requires troubleshooting.
  7. Export the HAR files by selecting the downward arrow Export HAR

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