I’m having trouble adding a custom domain

Most of the time, custom domain issues happen due to incorrect setup. Make sure you have read through the custom domain setup documentation if you haven't already. If you're still facing issues, read on.

You are experiencing one of the following issues

How to unblock yourself

HTTP 404 Error when visiting your custom domain

The error usually happens if no collection is published on your custom domain or the collection associated with the documentation is deleted.

Publishing a collection on the custom domain will fix the issue.

Invalid or incorrect certificate error

This is a sign of an incorrect setup, usually setting the TXT and CNAME records on the wrong domains. To fix the issue:

  • Verify the DNS records to make sure they are still set up properly.
  • Wait for the DNS propagation to take effect.
  • Make sure that the TXT record is set up on your root domain. Note: If you're trying to set up a custom domain name as sub-domain.my-domain.com, the TXT record has to be set up on my-domain.com 
  • Make sure the CNAME record is set up on the sub-domain. Note: If you're trying to set up a custom domain as sub-domain.my-domain.com, the CNAME record will need to be set up on my-domain.com 

Hostname not found / Hostname cannot be resolved errors

This usually indicates the DNS changes have not yet propagated. Your DNS settings may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

  • Check whatsmydns.net to see if the DNS records have been updated. 
  • Use the command-line DNS querying tools like dig or nslookup to make sure the DNS records are set up correctly and have propagated.

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