How to play Postman: API-First Journey

Where can I play Postman: API-First Journey?

This mobile game by Postman is available to play on the App Store and Google Play.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to control the character, shoot bugs, and avoid obstacles until  you reach the API-First World. 

How do I control the character?

  • Jump: Swipe up to jump over obstacles. 
  • Duck: Swipe down to duck under obstacles. 
  • Right: Swipe right to enter the right lane
  • Left: Swipe left to enter the left lane. 
  • Shoot: Tap on the screen to shoot bugs.

How do I start playing the game?

Open the game by tapping its icon.

You’ll start running automatically.

Avoid the obstacles that are placed in your path.

How do I collect ammo and shoot bugs?

Collect the hexagonal coins to increase ammo.Once your ammo bar is filled, you can begin shooting.
Shoot the bugs in your path by tapping on the screen. Some bugs will die with one shot, some require two shots. 

Postman Power Ups are available in your path. Collect these to extend your gameplay.

How many levels are there in the game, and how can I complete them?

There are 3 levels in the game:

  • The Monolith
  • The Cloud
  • The API-First World

To complete a level, you must successfully jump over or duck under obstacles and shoot bugs in your path. The longer you survive without hitting any obstacles or bugs, the faster you reach the API-First World.

What happens when the game is over, and how can I restart?

If you collide with an obstacle or bug or fall through gaps in the path, the game ends. The Game Over screen will display your final score and how much of the level you completed, followed by an option to play again. 

How to improve the gaming experience?

Practice your timing to navigate obstacles accurately.
Pay attention to the pattern of obstacles to anticipate when to jump, duck, or shoot.
That's it! Have fun playing Postman: API-First Journey.

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