What to expect from the end-of-life of old Postman versions?

From October 31, older versions of Postman will reach end of life. For a secure and uninterrupted Postman experience, we highly recommend upgrading to a supported version.

What does "end of life" mean, and will it affect my usage?

"End of life" means older versions will no longer receive updates or support. After this date, unsupported versions will no longer work, necessitating an update.

What are the versions impacted?

  • The Chrome app

  • Postman v5 and v6.

What are the desktop versions supported?

We actively support Postman Desktop versions v9 and v10, which receive important updates and security fixes. Versions v7 and v8 are deprecated and will reach end of life soon. They won't be receiving any further security updates. To maintain security for your Postman experience, we recommend upgrading to v10.

Note: Postman v7 and v8 are deprecated. To learn more, read What to expect from the deprecated versions of Postman Desktop app v7 and v8?

How to keep my data safe when I update

Your data will transition smoothly when updating to a supported version (v7 or higher). However, we recommend to export your data to be safe.

Note: Tokens or cookies stored locally may not carry through during the update, but your History, Collections, and Workspaces will sync.

How to upgrade to the latest version

Migrating from Chrome

Download Postman and sign in to your account. Start the native app, and your history and collections will be automatically synced. Note: If you can't use the desktop app, use the VSCode extension to continue using Postman.

Migrating from a native desktop version

Open Postman > Settings > Update.

My update fails

Note: If your company blocks you from using a more recent Postman version, consider the Postman Enterprise app or the VSCode extension to continue using Postman.


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