I keep receiving a 400 response on patch request with SCIM

You are experiencing the following issue

When trying to update user details using SCIM provisioning, the response returns the below error message:

"schemas": [
"detail": "Patch request format is not supported in Postman",
"scimType": "invalidSyntax",
"status": "400"
This operation was retried 1 times. It will be retried again after this date: 2022-08-28T22:33:56.2279541Z UTC

Unblock yourself

  • Check if the payload sent for the patch request matches the expected payload as shown in the Postman SCIM API.

  • Check the attribute mapping type exchanged during the provisioning process in your SSO provider and make sure it is supported by Postman: Note: Postman only supports the following attributes: active, userName, givenName, and familyName.

  • Send this PATCH request manually using the Postman SCIM API. You should receive a 200 success status response. If you receive another status response, check that you have a valid API key, entered the correct user ID, and sent the correct payload as in the example provided in the SCIM API documentation.

If you are still facing this issue, submit a support request with the following information:

  • Screenshot of the error and the attribute mappings from your SSO provider.

  • Screenshot of the complete output for the manual request from the Postman Console.

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