Fixing Unable to Sync error

I’m experiencing one of the following issues

  • I’m unable to sync my work.
  • Sync is not working.
  • The sync icon is red, and there's an error message that says Unable to sync

Unblock yourself

  • Ensure your internet connection is active and you use the latest version of the Postman Desktop app.
  • Sign out from your account and sign back in. Note: Make sure to export your data to avoid any data loss.
  • Try connecting to another network such as your mobile hotspot to rule out potential issues with your current network.
  • If you are behind any corporate proxy or VPN, make sure to allowlist the below domains in your network policy:
  • Go to the Postman Web app and sign in to your account to see if you can sync. 

If you are still blocked, submit a support request and make sure you provide the below elements:

  • The troubleshooting steps you have already tried.
  • A screenshot or a screen record of the issue that illustrates the issue.

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