What is the 14-day Basic plan trial?

Currently, collaboration on the Postman Free plan is available for up to 3 users.

When you invite one or more users to your Postman team, a trial of the Basic plan gets triggered to let all invited users join your team so you can collaborate and explore this plan together.

Note: Any pending invite (an invite sent to a user that hasn't yet been accepted) occupies a seat. View all your pending invites on the Members and groups page under Suggestions.

What should I do when the trial ends?

At the end of your trial, you can either upgrade or maintain a team of 3 on the Free plan.

I triggered my basic trial inadvertently. Can I trigger another trial?

The 14-day trial can only be triggered once. You can trigger the trial if you create another team or submit a support request so we can have another trial triggered.

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