I am seeing an error saying that my Postman account has been deactivated

You are experiencing the following issue

While signing into my Postman account, I get the error: This account is deactivated. Enter a different email or username.


What to expect

Your account can get deactivated in the SSO provider portal while enabling SCIM for your Postman team.

Unblock yourself

Okta is your SSO provider

Contact your Postman team Admin to

  1. Enable SCIM provisioning again while ensuring that the checkbox Deactivate users is selected.
  2. Remove the team member from the Postman application in Okta.
  3. Add the team member back to the application.

You have another SSO provider

If you were on a Postman Enterprise team before and using SSO to sign in, contact your Postman team Admin to reactivate your account in the SSO provider portal or from the Postman SCIM API.



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